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Is a business move approaching? We reliably move your company in Seinäjoki, Vaasa, and throughout Finland

Good planning lays the foundation for a successful business move. We offer a free planning and estimation visit. The purpose of the estimate visit is to determine the amount of items, the extent of moving services needed, and the moving conditions. These factors help save costs and can significantly speed up the move.

A business move is a project that requires careful attention to detail and management of schedules. Movecon's moving services are tailored to each move according to your needs. We have conducted numerous business moves, see our references here.

Things to consider during a move:

The person in charge of the company's move and Movecon's foreman will jointly coordinate the move. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the routes, loading, and unloading spots used for the move are clear. Protecting floors and surfaces during the move is also the customer's responsibility unless otherwise agreed. A floor plan of the new space, with the locations of workstations marked, should be taped to the entrance hall. It would be good to have a furniture layout plan next to the door of each room so that we can place the furniture directly in its place.

Work continues even as desks move! We have extensive experience in business moves. Request a quote today.

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Additional Services for Businesses

In addition to just moving, we also provide the following services:

  • Recycling service
  • Furniture installations
  • Storage
  • Packing and protection services
  • Information required by the moving company:
  • Square footage of old and new sites
  • Number of offices/stations
  • Number of staff
  • Amount of goods to be packed by the moving company
  • Floor plans and access routes of the premises
  • Numbers of rooms and storages
  • Amount of goods going to recycling
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Mover's Checklist for Businesses

Read here for tips on a successful business move:

• Start packing well in advance
• Go through items to be thrown away and recycle unnecessary items and furniture
• Correctly fill packing boxes
• Disconnect cables from IT equipment
• Lock furniture doors and drawers with a key / packing tape / hand stretch film
• Protect paintings and mirrors with bubble wrap and write "fragile" on them
• Protect delicate furniture with corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap
• Number and label all moving boxes
• Number and label all furniture, as well as monitors and workstations

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